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Nirvana; A Blissful state of being

Yesterday was crazy fun:

I got to sleep in for the first time in weeks. Then I went off to Peggy's, and we headed towards Wisconsin to see her horsie, Cooper. Well it was misting when we got there so I quickly brought him into the indoor ring. Then it started to pour and we just watched him roll six times, nibble on hay, and just look around. then i started to run across the ring and he trotted after me :-D. Then out of nowhere, Emma (the owner of the barn's daughter) comes and gives me a huge hug...then I give her a piggy-back ride around, while cooper is kinda just looking at us like 'what the heck?' After it stopped raining we brought him back outside, and hit the road. On the way to go pick up Mel, we stopped at Orphans of the Storm, and looked at all the dogs and played with the cats. We plan on going there every sunday to play with the animals. We got Mel and went to Hackney's...had a ton of food!!!! Yuuuumm......

Today was good. Just the normal school day. Nothing Art class! We spray painted today and I did this really cool horse! I'll take a pic of it soon!

I think it's about time to go home; I miss camp so much.
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So yeh Im super exhausted from the excitment this weekend, and i'm sick. so yeh i stayed home from school and i'm sipping soup, hoping i'll be better by tommorrow so I can go back to school and not be too behind.

So heres how my weekend went:

Friday I came home, lounged around for a few hours, took a nap, and did ALL of my homework (i was amazed). Then went to go see Wedding Crashers at 9:30. It was hilarious! The movie went until 11:30ish, and I got home at like 12:30ish. I fell asleep almost as soon as i hit my bed.

Saturday I had to be at the barn at the bright and early time of 9:00. Went into the barn to get Doc ready to ride, and then when my instructor came I rode him around in the outdoor ring, and i got him doing a really nice trot, and really nice canter. I even did some no stirrup work. Then Amy walked with me on the trail i as i rode Doc :-D Then the rest of the day i got horsies ready, and helped my instructor with her lessons. L o n g day. Then when i got home i had to take a really quick shower then go to my aunt's house warming partay. Hung out with all my cousins and stuff. OOoooOO my grandma gave me 3 bags filled with books *evil smirk* We didn't get home till 2 am.

I was supposed to be at my instructor's house at 7:00am. but since i got home at 2 am i wasn't able to get up early in the morn. so when i woke up at 10am, my mom drove me to fields and fences for the horse show. it was the first time my mom ever saw fields and fences, cuz it's so far away, and she was amazed of the size of the barn. It IS huge. Then i met up with Peggy, and she was working the ribbon station where everyone would come and pick up their ribbons. the lil area was set up infront of one of the rings where all this action was going was awsome to watch (it was a NIHJA show). Then Peggy left to go get coffee and I was left to keep track of all the ribbons, results, and making sure that the right people got the cash prizes, it was tiring, and Peggy told me how amazed she was on how i kinda just stepped in and took control (i worked it all day long). :-D then we picked mel up from her Dad's house, and ate at Hackney's. YUM

So there's my weekend in a nutshell, i write a lot.

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Nooo don't give me the shot!!

Blah! today i felt icky. i have a cold. my head hurts. i can't talk cuz my throat hurts. im tired. Ok enough's my day:

Got a ride from my sis in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (name of our krap-mobile car) and it took us like twenty minutes to find a spot, and like another ten for my sis to parellel park. she doesn't know how to parellel park! after five minutes she's like 'do you want to do it?' Arg.

Left school early to get a physical at the doctors. But when i was getting some kind of vaccination shot thing there, after it i felt really light headed. i blacked out for like 3 seconds. i lyed down and i was fine, and they checked my blood pressure (for a second time) and it shot down really far, but it came back to normal, and i was fine. I think it was because i didn't eat anything before i went there, so that wasn't smart on my part :-P

But Yeh im officially shorter and lighter then everyone in my family. Including my younger sister. :-o And i didn't get taller from last year :-( But i did loose weight :-D

Thank God Tommorrow Is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YES! I finally got my second year RIT invite. I was so anxious to get it, cuz i knew that Becca already got hers...Sooo Yipppppppeee! It seriously made my day worthwhile. I am positive that I'm going first session. then hopefully returning later in the summer to be staff for a few weeks.

I can't wait.

Now all is left to do is to beat the deposit money from my parents...mwahahaha.

Other than that it has been a really calm day. Honors plus classes is a big adjustment on workload, there is so much more i have to do now. I stayed after school to hang out with my friends, then my bus was twenty minutes late! Grrr! But i got all my homework done before i got home...i've just been relaxing. Went to the store with my sister, and a friend. We pushed Katie around in one of those shopping carts with the lil cars infront of it for little kids, while she honked the horn and screamed out random things. it was hilarious.

I made cheesecake.yum.

yuck, school tommorrow. this is going to be a long year.
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Who wants to go Buh-bye (what i say to my dog when we are going for a car ride and he goes crazy)

Yeppers i am going to Montello Wiconsin this weekend, to spend more time with the fam. it will be fun and all that stuff, and relaxing. But i have a ton of homework that i am hoping to finish...sometime. heh.

So yesterday was soooo much fun. I went with Peg and Mel to go see their new horsie cooper all the way out on the border of WI and was like an hour's drive from peg's house (plus the half hour drive from mine) but i love the stable that they are keeping him is like 10 acres, tons of pastures, tons of horses (including some off the range mustangs), and so far away from everything civilized. Then we run around the fields with these two lil girls who make me feel like im seven again. It's sooo wonderful.

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Treat your love like a firefly...

So yeh it was an OK first day of school...just ok.

But this school year will be fun, all of my classes i have friends in so yeh that's great. And all i have to say is that honors plus classes need to get more hott guys in them...;-)

My teachers are pretty colorful characters too :-D

So then after school me, my sister, and one of her crazy/cool friends cruised off in chitty chitty bang bang (our lil junky car) and went to mcdonalds to meet somemore friends. then after that we raced the other carload of friends to the west campus...i thought we were going to die...ahh but it was fun.

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